The World That Will Never Be

The world where the straights are hated for hundreds of years is about to turn for the worse, and shatter to pieces.
The involvement of Eliza X, a police officer, in the killing of a straight, Jeffrey Antinoro, becomes the singular event and the catalyst that sends humanity into a tailspin.

A revolution erupts and Eliza is the sole cause of it. Nevertheless, her journey forces her to rediscover herself and find love in the arms of her professor Linda Pelc. Together they’ll try to redefine the human capacity of acceptance and denounce a world that is full of lies, deception and hatred.

Are they going to save the straights or are the forces that seek their demise stronger?
Who is going to be victorious when the revolution erupts between the gays and straights?
Is the fiber of humanity saved at last or will the dark powers of prejudice and hate prevail?